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Major features and advantages of our Provissiong Service
Product Overview and system requirements
What's your price of your products and the support contracts?
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How do I ...
How do I send voicemail to email from AWS EC2
How can I connect to the PSTN on my server side?
How to set up hot desking on an IP phone
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System Administrator Portal
Login URL
Import extensions into Vida Software/Platform
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Business Administrator Portal
Can I use multiple SIP device to register one account
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Can your software handle multiple business locations or departments?
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End User Portal
How to transfer to my mobile phone by using VOP panel?
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How to make a external transfer by using VOP?
Vida Software and Features
Vida Software and Features
Problems and Troubleshooting
No voice or SIP extension will not ring
SIP security
Cannot make international calls
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Customization and Integration
Global DID Phone Numbers
What payment methods do you accept?
Is number porting available?
What is a DID number?
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Vida Server Backup and Restore Article rated 3.1/5.0
There are tools for system admin to backup and restore vCloud software. All the dynamic files and data in the database will be copied and saved in a backup file. The system admin can restore the backu...
ACL for SIP call security Article rated 3.2/5.0
Companies are concerned about malicious parties eavesdropping on SIP signaling information, performing man-in-the-middle attacks that disrupt service or gaining unauthorized access to VoIP networks TL...

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