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Product Overview and system requirements
Major features and advantages of our Provissiong Service
Accounts and access levels
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How do I ...
Tips for online Voicemail box
How to configure customized IVRs for multiple departments
How can I connect to the PSTN on my server side?
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System Administrator Portal
Login URL
Import extensions into Vida Software/Platform
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Business Administrator Portal
Can I use multiple SIP device to register one account
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Can your software handle multiple business locations or departments?
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End User Portal
How to transfer to my mobile phone by using VOP panel?
Login URL
How to make a external transfer by using VOP?
Vida Software and Features
Vida Software and Features
Problems and Troubleshooting
No voice or SIP extension will not ring
Cannot receive voicemail notifications as email
Cannot make international calls
Customization and Integration
Global DID Phone Numbers
Is number porting available?
What payment methods do you accept?
What is a DID number?
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