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Major features and advantages of our Provissiong Service
Product Overview and system requirements
What's your price of your products and the support contracts?
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How do I ...
How do I send voicemail to email from AWS EC2
How can I connect to the PSTN on my server side?
How to set up hot desking on an IP phone
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System Administrator Portal
Login URL
Import extensions into Vida Software/Platform
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Business Administrator Portal
Can I use multiple SIP device to register one account
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Can your software handle multiple business locations or departments?
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End User Portal
How to transfer to my mobile phone by using VOP panel?
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How to make a external transfer by using VOP?
Vida Software and Features
Vida Software and Features
Problems and Troubleshooting
No voice or SIP extension will not ring
SIP security
Slow in web page, CLI print out: Failed to lock path '/etc/asterisk' Failed to lock path '/etc/asterisk'
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Customization and Integration
Global DID Phone Numbers
What payment methods do you accept?
Is number porting available?
What is a DID number?
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Vida Server Backup and Restore Article rated 3.1/5.0
There are tools for system admin to backup and restore vCloud software. All the dynamic files and data in the database will be copied and saved in a backup file. The system admin can restore the backu...
ACL for SIP call security Article rated 3.1/5.0
Companies are concerned about malicious parties eavesdropping on SIP signaling information, performing man-in-the-middle attacks that disrupt service or gaining unauthorized access to VoIP networks TL...

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