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How do I send voicemail to email from AWS EC2


Amazon AWS EC2 blocks port 25 to relay emails to your customers from the EC2 server. One way to work around it is to use AWS SES (Simple Email Service) to relay the email. Please follow the steps below:

1: Sign in to your AWS console and click on SES.

2: Follow the instructions to either verify your domain or verify all of the email addresses you want to send voicemails to. 

3: Click on SMTP Settings, then click on "Create My SMTP Credentials" 

4: Log in to your vCloud system admin portal. 

5: Enter the Credentials in your System Configuration -> SMTP Configuration page in the vCloud admin portal.

Attached are some useful screenshots. 


SMTP_Settings.PNG SMTP_Settings.PNG
vCloudSMTP_Settings.PNG vCloudSMTP_Settings.PNG

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