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How do I order DIDs?

There are two main types of number purchasing and management strategies. The first is simply to purchase-as-needed (Individual DIDs). The second is to keep a number resource inventory, also called a number warehouse (DIDs with Trunk).
  • Individual DIDs, No Trunk.
  • DIDs with Trunk
A trunk is a grouping of channels within a certain zone. You must select the number of channels for your trunk. The number of channels you select is equivalent to the number of simultaneous incoming calls that you can receive. These channels may be shared across all your DIDs as long as you select the appropriate zone.
To select the appropriate zone, find the countries in which your DIDs are located and choose the zone where coverage overlaps. For example, US DIDs are covered by Zones B, C, and World. If you only had DIDs in the US, your cheapest option would be to select channels in Zone B. However, if you wanted to be able to share channels with UK DIDs, you would have to select Zone World because this is the only zone in which these two countries overlap.
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